“As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s official publication commemorating the new millennium, this book beautifully chronicles the growth of American business and industry during the 20th century. A marvelous volume, it truly captures the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Not surprisingly, we have received numerous accolades for the book. It has been an invaluable asset in promoting the U.S. Chamber and its member companies, products, and services to national and international audiences. In fact, we’ve brought the book with us on several business trips to Europe and Asia, and the book was well received. We’ve also found it to be an ideal gift for visiting dignitaries and business groups. On another note, it was a pleasure working with your sales, marketing, and editorial representatives, who were the epitome of professionalism. It is always a pleasure to work with an organization that is dedicated to producing an outstanding product. We are delighted, needless to say.” — Jane K. Sanders, Vice President, Business Information and Development, United States Chamber of Commerce

Re: America & the Spirit of Enterprise: Century of Progress, Future of Promise

“Saint Paul’s 150th anniversary could not have been launched in a more appropriate fashion. As a hallmark of my administration, Celebrate Saint Paul—the hardcover history you published for us—will also become a first-class promotional tool for economic development and valued as a commemorative historical record for many years to come. Our relationship with your staff—its editors, production people, and representatives—was always effectively professional. You may count me as an enthusiastic supporter.” — Randy C. Kelly, Mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota

Re: Celebrate Saint Paul: 150 Years of History

“Cherbo Publishing Group’s book Westchester County, New York: Headquarters to the World is a very well done and impressive publication. Its informative content, vibrant photographs, and unique cover design make it a compelling addition to any library. Lillian Vernon Corporation is proud to be included. It was a pleasure working with your staff.” — Lillian Vernon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lillian Vernon Corporation

Re: Westchester County, New York: Headquarters to the World

“I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding job you and your staff did in completing California: Golden Past, Shining Future, the official publication commemorating our state’s 150th anniversary. The end product is a testimonial to your professionalism and standards of high quality. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff on this important publication.” — Bob Jennings, Chief Assistant Secretary of State, State of California

Re: California: Golden Past, Shining Future—A Sesquicentennial Celebration

“It is with great pride that I express the highest acclamation for the book your company produced, Transforming the World: Rochester at 150. The content, quality, and photos are superb. It is indeed a joy to present this book to guests and friends of the City of Rochester. I have proudly sent copies of the book to our three partner cities, who were all equally impressed. I cannot write this testimonial without complimenting the process and professionalism of your staff in the creation and production of the book. Your staff always showed the utmost professionalism and consideration. I have received this same feedback from companies and organizations profiled. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did in helping us tell Rochester’s great story.” — Ardell F. Brede, Mayor, City of Rochester

Re: Transforming the World: Rochester at 150

“The quality of the book far exceeded our highest expectations, and we are extremely proud to be associated with it. Specifically the historical flow of the book is informative, inspiring, and easy to follow. The choice and placement of photographs were simply outstanding. And the text is masterful. We are giving the book a broad exposure here in Virginia, and it receives glowing praise wherever it goes, especially as a personal present to our Governor, who was thrilled to have it. You can be sure it will be our calling card for future marketing opportunities. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for producing an absolutely first-rate product. We look forward to working with you in the future.” — Hugh D. Keogh, President and CEO, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Re: Virginia: Catalyst of Commerce for Four Centuries

"I wanted to compliment you on the commemorative book you published for the City of Dayton. The book was well written and beautifully designed, and it captured the essence of what makes Dayton such a wonderful community. The team of people you assembled to help prepare the book was excellent. They were obviously dedicated to producing a first-rate publication, and the final product proves that. It was a pleasure to work with such professionals to produce this book. Thank you for creating such an attractive and lasting tribute to the Dayton community.” — Thomas J. Biedenharn, Director of Public Affairs, City of Dayton, Ohio

Re: Dayton: On the Wings of Progress