Profile Participants

Individual companies & organizations can also showcase THEIR success stories.

To support the costs of producing the book, we invite a limited number of corporations, organizations & institutions (those that have played an essential role in the growth & success of your organization or area) to participate in the book by purchasing a corporate profile.

As a Profile Participant, you receive the following benefits:

  • You become a partner in a prominent community project, one that will be influential for years to come
  • You receive recognition for the important role you have played in the organization or area
  • You will be discovered by audiences in the community, across the nation, and around the world
  • Our professional writers will craft your corporate profile at no additional charge (or you may write it, if you prefer)

Profile participants can enhance their presence in the book by participating in CPG’s Leadership Program. Along with a special listing and logo in the opening section of the book, they receive additional copies of the book along with profile reprints, which serve as important marketing tools.

CPG’s sales team of regionally based, experienced professionals help potential clients to determine which profile package will best serve their needs.


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